Escuela >> Metodología since 2000 been giving courses on the Mar Menor La Manga, and many years sailing as a sport exists in our country. We offer teaching programs from the introduction to kitesurfing courses to the most advanced maneuvers , jumps and wave riding .

We always use acutalizado material F -one and Best Kiteboarding in class, put safety first. We have kites from 2m to the most basic teaching children , you take courses or contact with strong wind, until the last designs of hybrid kites and Delta C -Shape , perfect for practicing kite at all levels . At school we have all kinds of material protection and security as wetsuits , helmets , vests, etc … Our instructors are certified by the AEK ( Spanish association of kite ) and IKO (International Kite Association ) , we have liability insurance . The groups are for maximum 2 people , ensuring personalized and effective teaching. We teach courses in one of the best kite spots in Spain : in La Manga del Mar Menor, km2 – Manga Edif.costa III. Click here for our situation.

: download here the basic course of kite surfing: 
download_pdf  Download KiteSurf Basics Guide

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